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Published April 30th 2015 by Hearts Collective Publishing


God’s cruelest joke has to be the Kelly brothers…two sexy identical twin brothers…both bad boys in their own way...

Chase and Brendan Kelly were my best friends growing up, back when things were easy—before our families fell apart, before we were either geeks or jocks, popular or unpopular...before I grew boobs.

Things got awkward, the lines between friendship and sexual attraction started to blur and I couldn’t deny my feelings for both of them…

Chase Kelly was the star athlete, captain of the football and lacrosse teams, womanizer and heartbreaker with a body that isn’t fair.

Brendan Kelly was the brooding musician, a tattooed rebel with longer hair and eyes as deep as the ocean.

When I went away to college I left the Kelly brothers behind and swore to move on with my life. But after experiencing heart-rending sexual violence while at school I had no choice but to move back home to San Diego to try to rebuild my life.

I never thought seeing them again would be so hard…we’d all moved on…we're supposed to be adults now…but spending time with the Kelly brothers has made two things painfully clear...

First: I never got over them.

Second: Someone’s heart is going to get crushed. Probably mine.

CRUSH is full-length Contemporary Romance / New Adult Romance Novel. Stand-Alone, No Cliffhanger. Contains adult content, strong language, violence, and themes that may be offensive to some readers.

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